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Bar à huîtres, fruits de mer et vins à Paris

We’re going to Regis?

The Regis oyster factory is a place of life where we share beautiful local products, and especially a history of encounters.

We want to offer you real nuggets. All our producers, oyster farmers and winegrowers share the same philosophy. Their passion is simple: work well done, respect for life and a sense of sharing. These are values that resemble us, that bring us together.

For lunch, aperitif or dinner, let’s share a simple and true moment around a delicious platter of seafood and a beautiful bottle of wine!
fine de claire ok

" Fine de claire"

The Fine de claire is the least fleshy of the oysters and therefore very often the preferred variety of consumers. Just like the light special, it will be refined for several weeks in the light, shallow clay basins, in order to acquire a shell quality superior to a special oyster. The light is rich in water and balanced in flavours.

" Spéciale de claire"

The Special of light is selected by the oyster grower before ripening for its regular form, its roundness and its thickness. At the tasting, this oyster is distinguished from the fine of light by the more assertive consistency of its flesh, its volume in the mouth, its sweetness and its salinity. The light special is fleshy and balanced in flavours.

" Pousse en claire"

La Pousse en claire is a real exceptional product of Marennes Oléron. It is high at low density in the light for four to eight months and grows forming shoot lines on its shell. The special de claire is the high-end oyster with a high level of flesh, a crisp firmness and a pronounced taste of terroir.

" Perle noire"

The Black Pearl is a very special oyster that comes from the parks of Utah Beach in Normandy and matured in the Belon River for several months to refine their taste without modifying its typical characteristics. The black pearl is famous for its fleshy and crunchy flesh.

" La Plate"

The Flat Oyster is reared in deep water. It follows a first refining on the parks of Carantec, followed by a second of two months in the famous river Belon.

Huîtrerie régis

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